What I Have Learned This Week

Since starting the new English-ish services, I have discovered some interesting things, which I will share, because I am kind.

So here’s what I have learned this week:

The supporting characters in ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ are too two-dimensional to say anything interesting about.

If you’re five, it is perfectly logical that a penguin can feel ‘birdy’.

The etymology of ‘penguin’ is debatable, possibly from Latin ‘pinguis’ meaning ‘fat’ or ‘oil’, but maybe also from the Welsh ‘pen’ (head) and ‘gwyn’ (white), which would make perfect sense, if a penguin’s head wasn’t mostly black.

David Walliams really is not the new Roald Dahl.

The Ahlbergs are the unshakable rulers of kids’ books.


– How’re you feeling mate?

– Oh, you know, a bit birdy.

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