Things to Do at LVS

“What’s on at LVS in 2017?” we hear you cry. Probably.

Well, let LVS fill your pretty little heads with wonder and delight! For starting next week (yes, that’s NEXT WEEK!) we have…

Knit & Natter, Craft & Chatter (thus covering all eventualities)

Wednesdays 11am-1pm, £4
Bring a project or start a new one, share ideas and inspiration, meet nice people, drink tea and eat cake. This is for MEN as well!


Monthly Craft Workshops.

First and second up:

Knitting for Novices – Chunky Winter Scarf (which you’ll be wearing until June in Cumbria)

Saturday January 21st

Saturday Feb 11th 2-4pm

£25 per session

For your hard-earned dosh you get: a drink, cake, 150g of chunky wool (which is enough for one adult-length chunky scarf) and personalised tutoring in how to cast on and start knitting!

Non-wool yarn is available but will be an additional £2, and vegan cake is available but you’ll need to let us know when booking so I’ve got time to order/make it.

You will need to bring a pair of 10mm knitting needles, which I can provide if you let me know when booking, and they’ll be an additional £4.50. These will probably be bamboo, which feels nice to work with and doesn’t freeze your fingers in the cold like aluminium ones do. The yarn I’ve got in mind comes in a vast choice of colours, so in order to help me get the right kind of selection ready, when you book you’ll be asked whether you prefer brights, neutrals, pastels, single colours or mixed colours, and I’ll try to get a good selection in to tickle everyone’s fancy. (Tickling fancies is not encouraged in this workshop, however. It’s just not that kind of a do, OK?)

It is highly unlikely you’ll finish your scarf during the workshop unless you’re some kind of artificially-intelligent speed-freak android, but when you are ready to cast off and finish your master- or mistress-piece, just bring it back in I’ll show you how to do it for FREE! BARGAINOUS!

There are only 6 places for each craft session because that’s all the indoor table space we’ve got, and you really don’t want to be out in the gazebo at this time of year, so get ’em while they’re hot. But you will need to book a place.

Email me at, call the shop on 01900 85102, or send us a Facebook message to let me know your requirements TODAY!

As LVS has (just) decided that 2017 is the Year of Manly Crafting, so MEN can also join in with any of our making-things sessions! In fact, maybe a men-only knitting workshop is the way forwards…leave it with me…

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