Wedding Speech Coaching

Yes, it’s an unusual thing for a local shop to provide, but we are well-qualified to offer it, along with a whole load of other English-y services.

We launched a new business venture alongside the shop called LakesProof, offering proofreading and editing, English tutoring, and speech writing and coaching. We started with weddings in mind, but the support is equally applicable to any public speaking or presentation events.

So how can we do this?

Arwen is a fully qualified Drama teacher and Drama examiner, with over 20 years’ experience as a director, practitioner and writer. Since leaving her Head of Drama post in 2015, she has worked as a freelance Drama workshop leader, actor and English tutor. She has also been a published ghost-writer and editor. Between them, Arwen and Lee have five English degrees, years of professional experience (and enough pedantry) to be efficient and accurate proof-readers. 

A speech is a script. A speech is a performance. The performance is a story; your story. The story you want to tell of your love, or your best friend, or your child; and it’s one that only you can write and deliver. But it can be a pretty scary prospect getting it right! And it’s only natural to be overcome with emotion and worry about being able to speak at all, so preparation for good speech-making is key.

Arwen can help you to find and write your story and develop the technical skills to deliver it, so this most important speech can be as good as it can be. You can concentrate on enjoying your day feeling confident and prepared when the time comes.

Technical skills include: vocal warm-ups and relaxation techniques; breath control; pace, posture and projection; clarity, articulation and enunciation; ways to memorise your script; working the room.

We can offer a full bespoke consultation and speech-writing support service, including proofing and draft-editing, public-speaking coaching, practical techniques and rehearsals for all or any of the speakers at your wedding (remembering that speeches aren’t just made by men!).

Or you might like to use just one or two options; for example, an edited draft and an hour’s face-to-face delivery coaching (within 30 miles) for the best man/woman/person or groom.

We think you’ll find our prices competitive and fair. We know getting married isn’t cheap, and we’re not out to fleece you, so for basic proofing and editing pricing check out our LakesProof Facebook page.



Check out the sample packages below and call us for a no-obligation chat on 01900 85102 to see how we can help:


‘I’m A Little Bit Rusty’  Package = £60 pp

Proofreading and editing of a speech and a face-to-face rehearsal

‘I’ve Got An Idea But Don’t Know What To Do With It’ Package = £200 pp

   In-depth phone call or meeting; online help with drafting a speech; proofreading and editing of two drafts; two face-to-face rehearsals

‘HELP!’ Package = £300

 In-depth phone call or meeting; as many subsequent phone calls as you need and online help with drafting your speech; proofreading and editing up to three drafts; three face-to-face rehearsals, (one on-site at the venue if possible)