Proofreading and Editing Service

So, we’ve now set up ‘LakesProof’, which is a service providing proofreading and editing for all the types of written and published documentation you can think of.

Also on the menu is quick English support at any level (if you only want a quick session reminding you how possessive apostrophes work, for example), and private English tutoring.

All of which utilises our actual academic and professional qualifications, and many years’ of experience.

Who’dathunk it?

Here is the FB link for Lakes Proofreading, and here is the ‘About Us’ section in full:

Some Language-y Anecdotes

It’s a beautiful (or desperate – you choose) moment when you realise that the thing you have most in common with your partner is a shared hilarity at incorrectly-placed apostrophes.

We used to live in South Yorkshire, and a few miles away near Penistone (which is the subject of a whole set of anecdotes in itself) there was a lay-by. It was an infamous lay-by amongst local punctuation pedants, because according to the sign, it belonged variably to Free-Range Egg or Guinea-Pig. “FREE-RANGE EGG’S”, it declared, or “GUINEA-PIG’S”. Oh how fortunate were Free-Range Egg and Guinea-Pig, we thought, to own such a fine lay-by!

Lee used to work away up the M1 a lot, and as he passed, he would chortle merrily to himself at the “Huge Wedding Dress Sale!” sign at the side of the motorway. (He’s just done it again at the memory. Yes, the long winter nights fly by in our house).

Where we live now, joy-riding rodents are a menace to society. We know this because of all the “Red Squirrels Please Drive Slowly” instructions.

I once submitted an essay without checking what damage autocorrect had inflicted, and was dropped a whole grade because in an essay about the Sutton Hoo ship burial, ‘Sutton Hoo’ had been changed to ‘Shuttle Who’ (what’s that?) every single time, and I hadn’t noticed.

So there you have it – proofreading’s important! We’ve got a shedload of writing, proofing and editing experience (some jolly and published; most tedious and necessary) amounting to some 40 years’ worth between us, and even official bits of paper to say we can do it all properly. More to the point, we really really enjoy it (that’s us up there, amusing ourselves with a spot of light editing).

When you read your own work back, you often see what you think you’ve written rather than what’s actually there. Even the most experienced writer can make a mistake, and you don’t want to send anything to print that can’t then be used because of a tiny error.

However large or small your project it’s always beneficial to have another pair of eyes checking it over. I asked Lee to proof this for me and he spotted three typos which I hadn’t noticed myself, because I wrote it.

Call or message us for a chat to see if we can help you to make your words say what you want them to.

Lee and Arwen, (in order of appearance).