Running Group

Lorton 10k is an annual road run, organised by a lovely group of people connected to Lorton School, where it finishes. In 2017 it’s on March 11th.

As part of this year’s Lorton 10k, Mr LVS (also known as Lee) has partnered up with the Couch to Lorton 10k to work out a training programme for beginners, supporting folk who want to get up and out running, but don’t know quite where to begin and want some company while they run.

Lee is a member of Derwent Athletic Club, and is an experienced sub-3 hour marathon runner and coach. He posts a regular support programme and training tips on the Couch to Lorton 10k Facebook page. He takes a beginner’s training group out on a Friday morning, 9-10am, starting and finishing at the shop.

Lorton Village Shop are one of the sponsors of the Lorton 10k, and it’s really worth doing just to get the finisher’s medal, because they must have the best ones in the country. They’re made of gingerbread.

All are welcome at Friday Running Group, and it’s £4 per person per session.