Drama Group

Lorton Drama Group still needs a better name, but we haven’t given it much thought to be honest. All (polite) suggestions welcome.

Ms LVS (otherwise known as Arwen) was, in a previous incarnation, Head of Drama in a school in Sheffield for quite a long time, and has been a director, producer, and Examiner. She is now working in the shop and as a freelance Drama and Theatre Tutor.

In January this year she started up a Drama Group in Lorton for adults and other big kids to have a space to play and learn drama skills techniques. It is not an Amateur Dramatics group, and the purpose is not to put on performances, but to meet and play, explore possibilities, share creativity, and learn ways to capture and express ideas through Drama, led by an experienced practitioner and tutor.

Drama Group currently meets at Lorton Tennis Club on a Wednesday, 6.30-8pm, and it’s £8 per person per session. All welcome, aged 12 plus.

Meanwhile, here’s something that won’t be happening in Drama Group: