Community Business Award Finalist

Congratulations!  You are a finalist for a Beatrix Potter Award in the Community Business Award category.

…said the email. So that was nice, and to be honest, left me a bit teary with shock.

But there was no-one in the shop at the time of the fortuitous emither’s arrival. Mr LVS had taken Small LVS swimming so wasn’t answering his phone, and I was hopping around the place and hyperventilating slightly with excitement. So I did what anyone would do under the circumstances, and posted it on Facebook. Then I phoned my mum and had a real conversation without the obligatory social-media multiple exclamation marks. And then, in the time-honoured tradition of self-styled rustic-ish small shops everywhere, I wrote it with chalk pen on the window.

I have no idea what actually winning one of these awards might entail, neither have I any idea how we’re going to manage to get to the award ceremony thingy when it’s on mid-week during opening hours and will take most of the day. We’ll have to either close for the day, or one of us goes Billy-No-Mates, and whoever stays behind will have to manage Small LVS in the shop all day (I’m sobbing at the thought).

Or we’ll have take her along, which will be an LVS PR disaster but which might provide amusing blogging fodder, as she is rarely able to sit still and shut her gob for very long, especially when there are all these lovely grown-ups to show her various toys to and share all personal achievements and opinions with.

So Feb 8th is the auspicious date, and a big hurrah for Mrs Heelis.


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